Alpha is the union of the musicians Bolette Roed on recorder, Peter Navarro-Alonso, classical saxophone and David Hildebrandt, percussion. All three are individually well-established members of the European cultural scene.
Alpha’s musical concept is entirely unique. They are a classical ensemble working with contemporary music as well as improvisation, world music, electro-acoustic music, electronica and medieval music – and in addition to all this – also compose themselves. Alpha embraces a wide breadth of periods and styles, ranging from 14th century estampies to modern composition music, from Georgian-Orthodox chorales to minimalist techno.

When Alpha was formed, all three members were students in the soloist class of the Royal Danish Academy of Music. They knew each other as musicians and wanted to play and work together. This despite the differences in their instruments and the total lack of repertoire for the constellation. It was more a matter of Bolette, David and Peter choosing to play together than a recorder-player, a percussionist and a saxophonist choosing to play together.
The trio has many different programs to present – among these Alpha Baroque, Alpha Contemporary, Alpha improvised, Alpha World and Alpha Electronica, so please visit the ensemble’s webpage to learn more about each of these programmes, and to learn more about the ensemble and their music.