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Concert propositions


Alpha is the union of the musicians Bolette Roed on recorder, Peter Navarro-Alonso, classical saxophone and David Hildebrandt, percussion. All three are individually well-established members of the European cultural scene.
Alpha’s musical concept is entirely unique. They are a classical ensemble working with contemporary music as well as improvisation, world music, electro-acoustic music, electronica and medieval music – and in addition to all this – also compose themselves. Alpha embraces a wide breadth of periods and styles, ranging from 14th century estampies to modern composition music, from Georgian-Orthodox chorales to minimalist techno.

When Alpha was formed, all three members were students in the soloist class of the Royal Danish Academy of Music. They knew each other as musicians and wanted to play and work together. This despite the differences in their instruments and the total lack of repertoire for the constellation. It was more a matter of Bolette, David and Peter choosing to play together than a recorder-player, a percussionist and a saxophonist choosing to play together.
The trio has many different programs to present – among these Alpha Baroque, Alpha Contemporary, Alpha improvised, Alpha World and Alpha Electronica, so please visit the ensemble’s webpage to learn more about each of these programmes, and to learn more about the ensemble and their music.

Baroque Ensemble

The recorder’s heyday occurred during the baroque era – and what is more natural for a flute than being surrounded by cembalo, viola da gamba, baroque violin or other beautiful baroque instruments – exactly as it is pictured on numerous beautiful paintings from the time. A baroque ensemble in a living and authentic way presents the music as it sounded when it was composed. The instruments blend as the composers listened to them, and the differences between the characters and composers are evident, thanks to the knowledge of musicians of the era of practice.

Composers including Telemann, Hendend, Bach, Vivaldi, Sammartini, Hotteterre, Marais, Graupner, Graun, Couperin, Purcell, Mancini, Corelli, all come to life in the way their music was intended to be played. A baroque ensemble can vary widely in size depending on the repertoire and musicians present. Hence, the possibilities are endless and encompass everything from two musicians, such as recorder and lute or recorder and cembalo, – to larger ensembles with up to 6 -7 musicians.

Concert Pastoral

Poul Høxbro is one of the world’s leading specialists on galoubet & tambourin! With recorder virtuoso Bolette Roed he has made the ensemble Concert Pastoral.

The size of Concert Pastoral varies from the two of them to about 7 musicians. Their repertoire is French high baroque and surprisingly beautiful! With the possibility of varying the sound from only recorder and galoubet & tambourin to an ensemble with baroque violin, bassoon, traverso, lute, and others. One will get an authentic baroque ensemble with a repertoire and sound far to seldom presented at concerts!

Duo with accordion

Recorder and accordion – two widely different, and yet closely related instruments. Almost 500 years of music history are between them, but yet they are part of the same family, through the fact that their sounds are produced by an air stream…

The collaboration with accordion has been based on the love for this instrument, and the big possibility of repertoire the combination reveals. The large number of contemporary works written for this combination only underlines the beautiful sound being hidden in this duo!


In the summer 2007 three of Denmark’s most notable musicians, united for a common project. Through a common passion for folk music, Bolette Roed, Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen and Andreas Borregaard formed the trio Gáman. 

Gáman has presented the Nordic music all over the Nordic contries – from the smallest settlements of Greenland to the modern cultural houses and concert halls of the capitals. Always bringing with them a love for the Nordic folk music, for the Nordic language and a contagious love for simply just playing!


Lune Rousse

…music and poetry, medieval and celtic musical languages, improvisations, inspirations, stories from everyday life… – all presented in the beautiful surroundings of the chapels of Brittany.

Two musicians from Brittany, in cooperation with Bolette Roed. The instruments are viola, violin, voice, all sorts of percussion, recorders, harp, gamba… Lune Rousse are the result of three individually strong musicians, joining forces to put into music their wish to create beauty, to tell the many stories of life, to make a musical language based on sound, atmosphere, love for life, love for art, respect for feelings, silence, thoughts, questions with no answers…

Christine Laizé – bratch, violin, sang, poesi
Anthony Debray – slagtøj
Bolette Roed – blokfløjte

Soloist with baroque orchestra

Bolette Roed regularly appears as a soloist with the Polish baroque orchestra, Arte Dei Suonatori. They have mainly performed to Poland and Denmark, which included numerous live broadcast concerts. The size of the orchestra can vary depending on the repertoire and concert hall.

Critics write: “Today they started with ‘spring’ as a springy recorder concerto featuring Bolette Reds as the equilibristic soloist. Arte dei Suonatori is a heavenly baroque band.” The music created waves forward and back, between aggressive, crunchy passages with nerve and depth – and crystal clear, fragile sounds with small slow motion embellishments. Extremely high musical level, involving a childish joy, the joy of playing.



Recorder, an instrument which has existed for more than 600 years. The repertoire goes back to medieval ages, and a recorder is thus not just the little wooden stick we know from school. The instruments all sound very different, depending on construction, which builder, which wood, which player.

A solo recital gives the possibility to dive into the instrument’s character and history and to listen to music from medieval times till now, acoustic as well as electroacoustic improvisations and soundscapes. Bolette Roed are well known for her solorecitals, that always thrill, surprise, charms, teach, delights and enrich the listener.