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• Concert debut in Croatia – September 12-16 Bolette Roed and Poul Høxbro – alias Concert Pastoral – had their debut in Croatia on the amazing festival “Korkyra Baroque Festival”. The concert venues are all amazing – please visit this festival if you have a chance!

• Recording – In August, Bolette Roed and Arte dei Suonatori recorded 3rd part of their extensive Vivaldi project. The 4 CD’s will be released during 2019 with the great Finnish label, Ondine.

• Recording – In July, Bolette Roed and Arte dei Suonatori recorded a selection of 8 Vivaldi concerti in Mikołow, Poland. It’s part of the 4-CD big project to be released during 2019.

• Concerts – On the 29th of June, Bolette performed as a soloist in Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons together with Arte dei Suonatori as part of the Copenhagen Opera Festival.

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