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• Recording – In July, Bolette Roed and Arte dei Suonatori recorded a selection of 8 Vivaldi concerti in Mikołow, Poland. It’s part of the 4-CD big project to be released during 2019.

• Concerts – On the 29th of June, Bolette performed as a soloist in Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons together with Arte dei Suonatori as part of the Copenhagen Opera Festival.

• CD Release – On the 8th June, Bolette released her album of Solo Bach works arranged for the recorder on the Ondine label. The album can be purchased via Ondine’s webpage or heard on Spotify or Apple Music. 

• Concerts – From June 20th-24th, 2018 the Midsommerbarok once again took place in Copenhagen. Bolette performed together with Elephant House Quartet, Allan Rasmussen and Arte dei Suonatori.

• CD Release – Bolette’s trio Alpha released their rendition of Vivaldi’s “Le quattro Stagioni” together with Ekkozone – on the Danish Dacapo Records label.

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