Lovingly crafted arrangements – Alpha: Through the Looking Glass

The Classical Reveiwer, January 2014

Lovingly crafted arrangements and performances from recorder, saxophone and percussion trio, Alpha on a new release from Dacapo of music by Poul Ruders, Per Nørgård, Hans Abrahamsen and Bent Sørensen. In the first part of Poul Ruders’ Star Prelude and Love Fugue (1990) arr. Alpha, the Prelude has a repeated percussion motif before the recorder slowly joins, followed by the saxophone in this unashamedly minimalist piece. As it builds, crashing percussion point up the drama and texture so that there is no lack of interest. The saxophone opens Love Fugue, soon joined by percussion with the recorder subtly adding to the sound. This is a rhythmic piece, quiet raunchy at times and full of interest. These players bring a strange but intoxicating combination to these cleverly arranged pieces. Read More.