Lilienberg, Switzerland

In collaboration with Małgorzata Sarbak, Bolette Roed performs a selection of Johann Sebastian Bach’s masterful violin sonatas. Doing so in the musician’s own arrangements. October 5th, 18.00.


Rundetaarn, København

Copenhagen Baroque Festival’s Bach in new clothes. This is a rare opportunity to experience selected pieces from Bach’s Inventions & Sinfonias, Kunst der Fuge, and eclectic arrangements of the Goldberg Variations, in novel sonic combinations. The Round Tower’s beautiful library hall is a natural environment for this intimate concert in which Bach’s canonical baroque melodies emanate from the novel instruments combinations. Kl. 20.00


Trinitatis Kirke, København

Copenhagen Baroque Festival’s Back to nature. The Festival receives a visit from the Swedish baroque orchestra Höör Barock and their politically invested musical program “Back to nature”. Let the focus squarely fall on climate change and remind us listeners of the importance of maintaining a climate where the seasons exist as we know them. The orchestra further presents excerpts from their Grammy-winning CD “Golovin-musiken” presenting music from Swedish baroque composer Johan Helmich Roman. 19.00


Trinitatis Kirke, København

Copenhagen Baroque Festival’s Surprises from the church organ. The trio Alpha has been a staple of Danish music life since 2005. Though today, Peter Navarro-Alonso, the organist in Our Savior’s Church in Christianshavn, has replaced Alpha’s saxophone with the organ. Surprises from the church organ will bring Trinitatis’ multiple organs into play and interaction with percussion and recorder in new works and arrangements that are certain to captivate and surprise! 16.30.


Trinitatis Kirke, København

Copenhagen Baroque Festival’s opening concert. Orchestral music by C. P. E. Bach, J. G. Graun and J. G. Pisendel. Experience the collaboration with young virtuoso, Kasia Olszewska. The daughter of Arte dei Suonatori’s founders, one of Europe’s leading ensembles in historical baroque instruments. Kl. 19.00.


Lindegaards Koncerterne, Kongens Lyngby

CANCELLED – The duo Hildebrandt/Roed performs a varied repertoire as exciting as it is soothing. The interesting instrument combination leading the listeners deep into a dreamy magical and beautiful fairytale world. Friday March 25th, at 19:30. Buy tickets.


Vor Frelsers Kirke, København

Expect a program of improvisational folk music and new works from a young Danish composer, sketched by the beautiful combination of the recorder, saxophone, and percussion. David Hildebrandt, Peter Navarro-Alonso (the Church’s organist), and Bolette Roed form Alpha. The concert lasts approximatively one hour, the admission is free of charge. Concert start 15.00.


Duo with accordionist Andreas Borregaard. The program features works by modern composers and Bach transcriptions. An opportunity for the musicians to showcase the wide range of their instruments as well as their peculiar approach to music. Saturday, February 12, at 15:00, free admission.

Elephant House Quartet will perform a program including works by G. F. Handel and
Jean-Baptiste Loeillet (of London). Free under 25 år, 100kr for members. 15.30. Mere info.

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