Alpha consists of three classical musicians, who have all made their mark on European music life – Bolette Roed on recorder, Peter Navarro-Alonso, classical saxophone and David Hildebrandt, classical percussion.

Alpha’s musical concept is unique – A classical ensemble, commissioning pieces, improvising, playing folk music from all over the world, diving into electro acoustic music, electronica and medieval music as well as composing themselves. A stylistic span from the 14th century to newly written works, from Orthodox Georgian chorals to minimalistic techno.

Video: ALPHA rehearsing Heyday's Night by Per Nørgård


Arte dei Suonatori

Arte dei Suonatori is a Baroque orchestra who has managed to capture the true essence of the Baroque era. The musicians have adopted not only the knowledge, but also the 18th century way of thinking about music. The ensemble was formed in Poznań (Poland) in 1993 by the violin players Ewa and Aureliusz Golinski, who gathered together a group of the most talented young Polish period-instrument performers. The core of the ensemble were originally Polish string and continuo players, but over the years the orchestra has become more international, featuring as regular members musicians from, among others, Germany, England, Holland, France and Ireland. Since 1998, the orchestra has initiated an extensive series of early music events which very quickly evolved to become „Early Music – Persona Grata”, a festival which is considered today to be an integral part of the Polish musical culture scene.

In the course of years Arte dei Suonatori was also the co- creator and co- organiser of several other festivals, including “Music in Paradise” in Paradyz, “Haendel Festival” in Torun, “Baroque Bows and Strings Festival” in Poznan, “Three Baroques Festival” in Wroclaw and “Midsommer Barok” in Copenhagen. The orchestra regularly cooperates with distinguished soloists and conductors from all over the world, with whom they appear on some of Europe’s best known recording labels, including BIS Records, Alpha and Channel Classics.

Video: G. Ph. Telemann a minor suite (Rejouissance), Arte dei Suonatori & Bolette Roed

Concert Pastoral

It is not every day that you can offer an ensemble with a brand new and at the same time authentic 18th century sound, but that is exactly what the Concert Pastoral can do. After years of pioneering in the medieval instrument combination of single-handed whistle & drum, Poul Høxbro has in recent years been in the depths of the distinguished French 1700th edition of this instrument, galoubet & tambourin. In collaboration with Bolette Roed, Poul Høxbro has created the duo, Concert Pastoral.  Suites, sonatas and dance music, in which the galoubet & tambourine in perfect combination with Bolette Roed’s energy forms the essence of a new yet authentic interpretation of music from the French salons.

In their popular programs Concert Pastoral often visits repertoire from Scotland and Ireland, renaissance dances and medieval estampitae, all part of the original repertoire for the instruments pipe and tabour and the recorder.

Video: Concert Pastoral, Bolette Roed & Poul Høxbro


Elephant House Quartet

Elephant House Quartet is a new baroque ensemble that has emerged as a result of the long-standing friendship shared by Allan Rasmussen, Aureliusz Goliński and Bolette Roed. Also included is the London-based Japanese gambist, Reiko Ichise. The ensemble had its debut at the Midsommerbarok festival in the summer of 2014. A highly specialized baroque ensemble with the best virtuosis on each instrument in a wonderful interaction. Telemann’s Paris Quartets, J.S. and the son C.P.E. Bach’s Triosonates, French High Baroque, in the company of Lully, Marais, Couperin, crisp Italian songs and seductive beautiful English melodies. There is always something new to experience with this dynamic quartet.


Roed//Borregaard Duo

The recorder and the accordion are two widely different, yet closely related instruments. Invented centuries apart, they both rely on a stream of air to produce their sound.

In the hands of two of Denmark’s foremost musicians, Bolette Roed and Andreas Borregaard, the instruments’ kinships and differences are highlighted in an exploration of a large repertoire spanning from well-known classical compositions to contemporary works.



Małgorzata Sarbak first heard Bolette Roed in her sensational recorder version of J. S. Bachs violin partitas. Conversely, Bolette Roed first heard Małgorzata Sarbak with her exceptional renditions of J. S. Bachs harpsichord partitas.
From that moment, they recognised similar sensibilities and approaches to music, and decided to strive towards creating musical expressions together.
This first musical encounter naturally took them to the violin sonatas of J. S. Bach. Nonetheless the vast repertoire of the 17th and 18th century inspires the duo to further musical journeys.

Soon the two discovered yet another common quality, being the music of their own time. Thus they master their instruments not only in historical informed performance but also in newly composed music, very often written for and dedicated to them.