Bolette Roed (1979) graduated from the advanced solo performance class of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, March 2004, and since then, her solo career has brought her to festivals and concert scenes all over Europe, Asia and the US. In addition to her studies in Copenhagen, Bolette also attended the Conservatoire National Superieur Musique et Danse de Lyon. In parallel, she graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen.

Soon after her debut, Bolette was appointed Artist-in-Residence of the Danish National Radio and in 2011 she was nominated for the Nordic Council’s Music Prize. Furthermore, she received the Grand Prize of Jacob Gade Foundation in 2003. Bolette’s latest award is “The Danish Music Critics Prize 2014”. She is furthermore part of The Danish State Art Councils “Young Elite” 2014 program.

Bolette is an all-embracing musician, working not only with the classical repertoire for recorder, but also with improvisation, folk and world music. Her repertoire ranges from medieval through renaissance and baroque to contemporary music and she has world premiered a large number of works. As part of her innate curiosity, Bolette is constantly striving to expand the musical playground of the recorder. She works with many different instrument combinations and styles, including innovative co-operations with DJ’s, jazz musicians and the theatrical stages.

Bolette has toured as a soloist with the baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori since 2004, has appeared as soloist with Concerto Copenhagen, the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Danish Orchestra. Furthermore, she often performs with her own ensembles, Alpha (recorder, saxophone, Peter Navarro-Alonso and percussion, David Hildebrandt) and the baroque groups, Concert Pastoral (recorder and galoubet & tambourin, Poul Høxbro) and Elephant House Quartet (recorder, violin, Aureliusz Golinski, gamba, Reiko Ichise, and harpsichord Allan Rasmussen).

Bolette is the founder of Copenhagen Baroque Festival, inaugurated in 2019. In previous years she was involved in the management of Denmark’s largest baroque music festival, Midsommerbarok, in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Finally, she is head of the Early Music Department at the Royal Danish Academy of Music since 2009, where she also teaches recorder.

Bolette has recently recorded with the aforementioned Elephant House Quartet and Alpha ensembles, respectively “Telemann’s Garden” (Pentatone, 2019) and “J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations Recomposed by Peter Navarro-Alonso” (Dacapo, 2018). In addition to a solo double album of J. S. Bach sonatas and partitas (Ondine, 2017). Earlier recordings and featured appearances include: “Royal Recorder Concertos” with Arte dei Suonatori (Dacapo), “Early & Late” with Gáman trio (Dacapo) “Alpha”, “Through the Looking Glass” (Dacapo) and Alpha World (Gateway) with her trio Alpha, “A Joker’s Tale” with Paradox (BIS-CD) and Bach harpsichord concertos (Concerto Copenhagen, CPO). 

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